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The Bristol Muzzle & Breech Loading Gun Club is a  UK Home office approved full bore target shooting club. We shoot at distances of 100 to 1000 yards with both Muzzle and Breech loading rifles.  We also shoot sporting small bore(.22 cal) at 25 and100 yards. The club uses Bisley for distances of 600 to 1000 yards, and Rogiet Moor and Yoxter rifle range's for distances of 100 up to 600 yards.  We run a number of competitions for club members including Sporting Rifle (for the stalkers) Field Rifle, Veteran Rifle, Under lever Rifle, Muzzle loading Rifle and Center fire Rifle. All the club shoots are informal affairs as we have a large and diverse membership, all following there own interests in either muzzle loading rifles, early historic breech loading rifles, stalking rifles, and dedicated target shooters with some of the most up to date rifles available. We also hold a number of guest days each year so that members of the public that have never shot can give the sport a try. If you you have a firearms certificate than you can attend shoots as a visitor with prior notice from the club secretary.

The club takes on new members who have never shot or do not have a firearms certificate putting them through a 6 months probationary period when we teach all aspect of shooting and safety. interested members can find details on the legal page.

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