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The Bristol Muzzle and Breech Loading Gun Club acts as the local Branch of the The Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain the governing body for Muzzle Loading shooting in the UK.  We have a Small but enthusiastic number of members that specialize in shooting original and reproduction muzzle loading rifles and pistols, We shoot rifles up to a distances of 1000 yards at Bisley and 100 to 600 yards at Rogiet Moor and Yoxter rifle range. All new members to the club are required to learn about and shoot muzzle loading rifles and pistols during there probationary membership, and the vast majority have gone on to purchase there own black powder rifles on becoming full members.  We also run a course of instruction in the history of the different types of antique guns and there mechanisms, how they work and how to shoot them. 

What is a muzzle Loading gun

A muzzle loading gun is a gun that loads from the muzzle using loose powder and ball as opposed to a breech loading gun that loads from the Breech (most commonly a bolt action) using a bullet or cartridge.  The most common rifle used is the 577 Enfield Percussion lock musket firing a loose fitting Minie soft lead bullet with a hollow base that expand and fills the rifling of the barrel when fired, The 3 band Enfield rifle is good for shooting up to 600 yards. This rifle was issued to the British Forces around 1851 and superseded the Brown Bess Flintlock musket that was used by the British Forces for almost 100 years.  Loading the Enfield musket is quick and easy, starting with a clean and dry barrel. First pour your powder down the barrel and then insert a lightly greased Minie bullet and gently seat the bullet with the ram rod, no need to ram the bullet hard on top of the powder just ensure it is well seated.  Then put the hammer to half cock (the safety position) and fit a percussion cap, hammer to full cock and the rifle is ready to fire.

Most members of the club also shoot muzzle loading Pistols either single shot or black powder revolver

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