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Individual safety certificates

For an application form for your safety certificate download in Pdf Format Here

As of the 1 st Jan 2009 all civilians shooting on MOD ranges will have to carry a safety certificate certified for each type of firearm you use.

Types of firearms are

Telescopic Sighted Rifle
Full bore rifles, such as 303, 7.62, 223 fitted with a telescopic sight typically shot at distances over 100 yards

Iron sighted rifle
Full bore rifles, such as 303, 7.62, 223 fitted with iron sights typically shot at distances over 100 yards

Long range pistol
Cartridges pistols chambered for rounds more usually associated with rifles e.g. 7.62 and typically shot at distances over 100 yards

Short range Pistol
Cartridge pistol and revolvers chambered for relatively low Power cartridges usually associated with such firearms as .22 .38/357 .44 and typically shot at short distances less then 100 yards, Includes long barrelled revolver and pistols.

Gallery rifle and carbine
Cartridge rifles chambered for rounds usually associated with pistols .22 .38/357 .44 includes bolt action lever action and semi automatic rim fire guns

Muzzle loading file
Any non cartridge rifle, regardless of propellant used, Includes smooth bore firearms such as muskets and flintlocks

Muzzle loading pistol
Any non cartridge pistol or revolver, regardless of propellant used, includes smooth bore firearms such as flintlock pistol

Any cartridge smooth bore firearm, including single barrel, double barrel, semi automatic and pump action guns covers both clay pigeon and target shooting including solid shot slug ammunition.

HME firearm firearms producing over 4500 Joules muzzle energy

If you shoot a type of firearm not covered by the club i.e. long range pistol you will have to have more than one certificate.

MLAGB and BDS will have their own certification process BDS members requiring a certificate will have to sit a test. When you are certified by one club than any club should accept that certificate as proof of safety.

As an affiliated club to the NRA we are required to follow the NRA certification process of Safe shooting system i.e. safe person safe equipment safe practice and safe place.

The club will operate the certification process on behalf of the NRA; however we have to purchase certificates from the NRA at a cost of £3 per person in advance.

The club chairman must sign every certificate for every member, the chairman must also sign a declaration annually on behalf of the club that we will 1 Follow the safe shooting system.

2 Will annually certify every member,

3 Will ensure every member shooting with the club holds a valid certificate from an affiliated club of the NRA

4 New club members will carry out a probationary course approved by the NRA

5 The club will ensure that it maintains adequate records of training and certification, to allow an audit trail.

6 Will agree that the club will take part in any investigation conducted jointly by the NRA and MOD following an incident on an MOD range and will require its members to assist fully in any such investigation.

It will be the responsibility of each individual member to request a certificate from the club in good time each year; individual members will be responsible for the cost of the certificate.

NRA members will have the option of obtaining their certificates directly from the NRA or from the club free of charge. If obtained from the NRA directly they must supply a copy for the club to keep on record Members that choose to get their certificate from another club must supply a copy annually for the club to keep on record.

All members must carry their certificate on MOD ranges on every visit. The range warden is empowered to ask any person shooting on an MOD range for their certificate and stop any person not in possession of a valid certificate from shooting.

The club will still be able to hold guest days but guests must be supervised one to one by a full member who must load and unload the firearm for the guest.

Visitors from other clubs must be in possession of a valid certificate from their own club or from a recognized governing body.

Bisley is classed as an MOD range if you wish to shoot gallery rifle or pistol at Bisley you will need a certificate

If you wish to have shotgun on your certificate you will need to attend at least one clay shoot annually with the club during the year and you must have attended a practical shotgun course. The club does not shoot slug on any range therefore you will only be given shotgun if you can prove a need for it.

Shooters who shoot clays at Bisley do not require shotgun on their certificate.

As the club does not shoot long range pistol any member who wishes to have long range pistol on their certificate will have to get a certificate from the club they shoot with or from the NRA. The chairman may at his discretion sign you off, if you can supply a letter from the chairman of another club stating you are safe and competent

NRA qualified RCO’s will automatically get the disciplines they are qualified to carry out


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